Thank you for your interest in having an Internet Radio Show or Podcast on the iRADIOUSA Syndication Network. Please answer the following questions to determine how we can move forward in getting you on the air.
OK... the microphone is all yours!
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What's your first and last name? *

Mine's Pedro. Let's not be strangers for much longer.
Please tell us your city and state or residence.

What is the best contact telephone number to reach you?

Do you have any Radio or Podcasting Broadcasting experience?

Think of this as like the subject field in an email. But already filled in for you.

Tell us about the show that you'd like to broadcast?

I prefer messages that are to the point. We're both busy people, and it's the best use of our time.
Do you have a computer fit for broadcasting with an Internet Connection?

When would you be planning to start your show? What day of the week and time slot are your looking for?

Do you have broadcasting equipment, if so please describe the equipment you have.

Do you have access to Skype? If YES do you have camera capabilities for broadcast?

Do you currently have a sponsor(s) for your show or those in mind to contact regarding sponsorship?

Will you be requiring the use of our studio, equipment and producer?

Do you currently have a website? If YES please provide URL

Please provide your Social Media Contact Info.

Anything else you'd like us to know?

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